Farm News

.The Farm Manager and Volunteers are always busy behind the scenes ensuring the daily up keep of the farm is maintained   to a high standard of safety for our visitors .

 After our 2017 season we had a survey done on all the trees within the farm grounds. It soon became clear that we needed   major work on a large proportion of the existing trees. This ranged from pruning to felling of trees. This came at a huge cost   not only financially but also to the landscape.

 Luckily we are fortunate enough to have fantastic sponsors int he Grove who helped with sharing the costs of the tree work   which ran over £10000.

 We were also fortunate enough to have the wooded area close by in which our farm manager came up with a plan to take   some sapling trees from to re plant on our grounds. This had a double benefit of not only ensuring our own landscape did not   change too drastically, but also thinning out some areas of the neighbouring woodland in order to allow growth to continue to   flourish there.

 With all these works being carried out this left us with various tree stumps around the farm. Not wanting to miss a fantastic   opportunity we enlisted the help of a local amateur craftsman Denny who has created some wonderful carvings for our   visitors to enjoy.

 On your next visit why don't you see how many you can spot?

 It is with Great sadness that we announce the passing of our much loved Pony Gemma.

 Gemma had been a much loved family member for over 18 years and had made it into her late 30's which for a pony is a       tremendous age.

 Near the end of her life she had unfortunately been diagnosed with Cancer. 3 weeks ago it had become apparent that she   was beginning to suffer and her quality of life has always been our main priority. On the 31st May and with the help of our   wonderful vets Gemma passed away peacefully with our Farm Manager at her side.

 Unfortunately we had suffered another loss this same week with our oldest Goat Benny passing away after a very short   illness resulting from his old age. Benny was a firm favourite amongst our youngest volunteers and would often sit for hours   with them.

 Both Gemma and Benny will be missed greatly and will leave a hole in the hearts of the volunteers who cared for and loved   them.